The Power of Cinema – Oscars 2015

It was hugely uplifting that during last night’s ‪#‎oscars‬ so many of the talented winners used their platform to promote causes close to their hearts. Starting with Patricia Arquette’s call for true equality for women in the USA (with a fantastic reaction from Meryl Streep in the audience), followed by ‪#‎Common‬ & John Legend’s inspiring speech about the importance of the spirit of ‪#‎Selma‬ in today’s world with more black men incarcerated in the USA now than were trapped in slavery in 1850 (which was met with an emotional standing ovation), to Graham Moore’s incredibly brave message to “stay weird, stay different” & closing with Inarritu’s important reminder that modern America was build out of the work & talents of immigrants from around the world. To me that signifies the best of the industry – its important social value.

This is my own call for fellow filmmakers to follow in their remarkable footsteps. Use your talents to enact the change you want to see in the world, whether that be through the morality of your characters, the themes of your film, or on the podium accepting your very own awards.


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